Jubilee Ayurveda estabilished in 2015  focuses on major life threatening disorders like Kidney disorders, Cancer , Liver disorders and Cardiac disorders, etc.

Jubilee Ayurveda Hospital works on various research projects on Thyroid disorder, Autism, Infertility, Chronic Renal failure and Paediatric disorders. 

Jubilee Ayurveda Hospital  provides all kinds of Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments.Ayurveda aims at prevention and healing of diseases. Panchakarma is a five fold purification therapy which helps in detoxifying the body.

Jubilee Ayurveda Hospital provides various Treatment Packages

  • Relaxation / Refresher Programme
  • De-Stress Programme
  • Rejuventaion Programme
  • Detoxification Programme
  • Pain Relief Therapy
  • Stroke & Accident Rehabilitation
  • Deaddiction Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • Single Day Mini Refreshment Programme

Jubilee Ayurveda Hospital Speciality Clinics

  • Dementia & Geriatric disorders
  • Autism & Learning disorders
  •  Headache & Vertigo Clinic
  •  Kidney disorders
  •  Allergy Clinic
  •  Skin & Toxicology Clinic

Jubilee Ayurveda Hospital administers the following procedures In Ayurveda:

Abhyanga – Medicated Oil Massage

Swedana- Steam Bath With Herbal Medicine


Elakizhi – Herbal Leaf Bolus Applied Over The Body

Choorna Kizhi – Medicinal Powder Bolus Applied Over The Body

Vamana – Therapeutic Treatment For Respiratory Tract Disorders, Psychiatric Diseases

Virechana – Therapeutic  Treatment For Git Disorders, Skin Diseases Etc.

Nasyam – Nasal Therapy For Neurological Diseases, Migraine Etc

Vasti – Medicated Enema For Neurological, Git Disorders, Disc Prolapse Etc

Raktamokshana – Blood Letting For Blood Purification 

Sirodhara – Treatment From Stroke, Hair Fall, Sleeplessness, Mental Stress Etc

Kativasti- Treatment Lower Back For Disc Prolapse, Low Back Pain Etc

Greeva Vasti-  For Neck Related Diseases

Siro Vasti- Treatment For Insomnia, Paralysis, Head Diseases, Nervous System Disorders Etc.

Jubilee Ayurveda Hospital objective is to excel in 

  • Fields of education and research and health care .
  • Serving preferentially the poor, vulnerable and marginalized.
  • Quality health care services available which is affordable to all.
  • Promoting health education, training and research
  • Promote human and Christian values .
  • Promoting harmonious relationship ,holistic health.

Additional Details

  • Doctors:Dr. C D Sahadevan, DAM Dr. Sr. Donatta, BAM, MD (Ay), Dr. N V Sreevaths, BAMS, MD Dr. Sr. Nirleena, BAMS, MD (Ay) Dr. John Jose, BAMS Dr. Naveena, BAMS
  • Treatments:Neurological Disorders Obesity Gastro intestinal tract diseases Liver Diseases Psychiatric Illness Autism and Learning Disorders Allergy Skin Diseases Respiratory Diseases Voice Disorders Osteo Arthritis Rheumatic Complaints Scoliosis IVDP Dementia Kidney Diseases Gynecological Disorders ( Endometriosis, PCOS, Infertility etc.) Endocrinological Disorders Post Delivery Management

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