Arsha Ayurveda Hospital aims is to serve the people by promoting ayurveda and striving for wellness of all.

Arsha Ayurveda Hospital is founded with a aim to keep you all hale and healthy.It is headed by dedicated team of doctors to provide therapies such as ‘Panchakarma’ and ‘Marma’. Arsha faculty diagnoses whatever your ailments are with utmost care and prescribe assured treatments.  It has served lots of patients around the globe.

We treat the follwing  ailments 

  • Migraine
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Control on Creatinine
  • Lung disorders like C.O.P.D
  •  Muscular Dystrophy
  •  Cerebral palsy
  • Post paralytic treatment
  •  Peptic ulcer
  • Osteo Myelitis
  • Ksharasuthra for fistula. 

Experienced and Retired professors from Govt. Ayurveda College handle the departments  . It has a GMP certified medicine manufacturing unit which produces all  medicines for our patients. Arsha Ayurveda Hospital

It  is approved by Airport Authority of India, SBT, KSFE, KFC, Hindustan Latex, Insurance companies, etc.


  • PanchaKarma   
  • Inpatient / Outpatient Treatment 


  • Nasya    
  • Thakra Dhara    
  • Tharpanam    
  • Upanaham   
  • Abhyangam    
  • Udwartanam 
  • Sneha Panam   
  • Swedana 
  • Ushma sweda 
  • PanchaKarma 
  • Vamana 
  • Virechana 
  •  Anuvasana
  •  Asthapana 
  • Kaya Sekam (Pizhichil)
  • Patra Podala Sweda (Elakizhi)
  • Stika Pinda Sweda 
  • Sirodhara 

Special packages( 7 to 28 days) for 

  • Rejuvenation Treatment
  • Weight Gaining
  • Weight Reduction

Arsha Ayurveda Hospital aims to provide quality products . The products medicated oils, liquid syrup, powders, capsules and other base products are manufactured  without compromising on its cultural value.

Arsha Ayurveda Hospital has an expert panel of doctors

  1. Padmasree   Dr. K. Rajagopalan  DAM. MBBS. FAIM [Patron and Chief Consultant]         
  2. Dr. M. N.Ravindran Nair, BAM. MD [Chief Physician and Managing Director]      
  3. Dr. G. Geetha, BAM, MD [Medical Superintendent]     
  4. Dr. B. Sarojini Amma, B.Sc, BAM, DMS, MD 
  5. Dr. P. R. Sukumaran Nair, BAM, MD
  6. Dr. B. Radhakumari Amma, BAM 
  7. Dr. M. P. Santhakumari Amma, BAM

Additional Details

  • Doctors:Dr. G. Divya BAMS Dr. Vineetha Cherian BAMS Dr. Riya Julian BAMS Dr. Vaisakh S BAMS
  • Treatments:Uzhichil Elakizhi Navarakizhi Podikizhi Udvarthanam Thalapothichil Dhanyamladhara Pizhichil Sirodhara Sirovasthy Snehapanam Kadeevasthy Thalam Lepanam Pichu Avagaham Upanaham Nethratharpanam Putapakam Nethradhara Aschyothanam Mukhalepam Ksheeradhoomam

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