Ayurveda Yoga Villa  Hospital is amidst the Evergreen forest of Nilgiri  which is the main source of our herbal medicines and located on the banks of river Kabani .

Our treatments include 

  • Ayurveda therapies 
  • Yoga practices based on yogavaivartha sidhi
  • Marma treatments
  • Kalari practices
  • Kalari treatments

Healthy kerala Ayurvedic diet is followed based on individuals treatment, Agnihotram followed for cleansing , balancing health  in Physical, Pranic and Mental forms. All food products and diary products and Medicine are produced in our organic farm to improve the efficacy of Ayurveda treatments . The main source of our Diary needs, indigenous Cattle breeds which are in extinction to produce milk. Ayurveda Yoga Villa has an in house production of herbal medicines. 

Our branches include;

1) Udayagiri Rejuvenation retreat Centre and Hospital (Tholpetty, Wayanad).

2) Ayurveda Yoga Village (Kumta, Uttara Karnataka).

Join Our Health Zone And Be Healthy For Holistic Healing Of Mind ,Body, And Prana.

If there is blockage in the spinal cord which is the main connection between the brain and all parts of our body. then the flow of energy works in a negative way resulting in  misbalanced tensioning of muscles. Physical, mental stress and pranic and is related to a misaligned joint. Therapies like yoga,daily routines,medication, diet and spiritual practices are effective in healing the body, prana and mind.

Panchakarma treatment 

One of the best ayurvedic centers in Kerala for delivering Panchakarma treatments in Kerala. We adhere to both ancient and modern techniques to provide ayurvedic therapies. 

Panchakarma is a 5 major steps followed to eliminate the toxins from our body . Toxins are accumulated in our body through   society,unhealthy diet, and changing  lifestyle . Detoxification is an essential procedure for any other major treatment. Even for all it is recommended to  Detoxify once in every 5 years to get rid of all the  toxins accumulated in the body. In some cases, Panchakarma treatment alone can also treat chronic diseases .

Purvakarma -Preparatory for detoxification treatment

  • Deepana – Pachana chikitsa
  • Snehana
  • Swedana

Pradhanakarma -Main procedure 

  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Asthapana vasthi
  • Anuvasana vasti
  • Nasya

Paschat Karma – Post procedures after detoxification treatments

  • Samsarjanakrama ( Special diet )
  • Drugs
  • Regimens

Additional Details

  • Doctors:Dr. Vipin G B.A.M.S, MD (AYU) Dr. Arjun B.A.M.S Dr. Anju B.A.M.S, (AYU) Dr. Sreevidya BAMS, (AYU)
  • Treatments:Autism. Ankylosing spondylitis. Antimicrobial treatments. (Against Virus, Bacteria, Fungus etc.) Arthritis. Ayurveda For Acidity. Ayurveda For Acne. Ayurveda Treatment For Vitiligo. Bone and Joints diseases. Bronchitis rhinitis. Cardiac system related diseases. Chronic fatigue syndrome. COPD. Drug Addiction/Alcoholism. Dementia. Depression. Diabetes. Diabetic Neuropathy. Different Cancer Conditions. Different psycological conditions. Gastro-Intestinal diseases. Eczema. Epilepsy. Fatty liver. General Rehabilitation. GERD. Gout. Gyneacological diseases. Hair loss. Herbal Beauty Care. Immune Boosting Treatments.. Infertility. Insomnia. Jaundice. Kidney diseases. Kidney stones. Liver disorders. Marma Therapy. Motor Neuron disease. Monsoon Special Rejuvenation. Migraine. Multiple sclerosis. Myasthenia gravis. Osteoarthritis. Osteoporosis. Paralysis. Panchakarma Detoxification. Parkinson’s Disease. Psoriasis. Rasayana Rejuvenation. Rheumatic diseases. Respiratory system diseases. Sciatica. Scoliosis. Sexual dysfunctions. Sinusitis. Skin diseases and Skin Allergies. Sleep apnea. Slip Disc Stress Management. Thyroid Disorders. Tonsillitis Treatment for Asthma in Ayurveda. Trigeminal Neuralgia. Ulcer Treatment. Urticaria. Vitiligo/Leucoderma. Weight Management/Obesity. Wellness Vacation. Insomnia

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