Amala Cancer Hospital and Research Centre was found in 1978.Ayurveda is ancient and rich as per the Indian system of Medicine . Amala Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Centre has been practising this system of Medicine in the Country . This resulted in estabilshemnt of Amala Ayurveda Hospital in February 1982.Amala Ayurvedic Hospital is a 100 bedded hospital. Treatment is given for all psoriasis ,peptic ulcer and general diseases including rheumatic disorders etc. Special treatments for patients who have complaints of Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Facial Paralysis, Arthritis etc.through Dhara, Massage, Navarakizhi etc.

Amala Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Centre has a Medicinal Herbarium with more than 500 medicinal plants, including some rare species.Amala Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Centre has highly sophisticated manufacturing units which can be watched by anyone, with prior permission which prepares GMP-certified medicines like kashayams (decoctions), grithams (ghee preparations) and thailams (oils).GMP certified medicines are kept safely in pharmacy units, which are sold to patients as prescribed by the Doctor and despatched to treatment rooms.Amala Ayurvedic Hospital has an in-house Wellness Diet Restaurant which serves you healthy ayurvedic food according to the doctor’s diet chart.

Basic Principles of Ayurveda

  • Ayurveda is a holistic system of approach which distinguishes it from other approaches to health care.
  • Maintains balance of life energies within us, rather than focusing on symptoms.
  • Ayurveda helps maintain the three fundamental energies in the body Vaata, Pittha and Kapha.
  • Ayurveda restores wholeness and harmony to all people and disorders of the mind & body.

Panchakarma therapy primarily aims to clean the toxins and impurities accumulated in our body. Once this is achieved, it becomes easy to prevent the process of aging and rejuvenate these tissues . Panchakarma includes five specialized therapies. The therapies that are included are:

  • Vamana Karma : Emetic therapy
  • Virechana Karma : Purgation therapy
  • Vasthi : Enema containing decoction of drugs
  • Raktha Mokshanam : Blood-letting therapy
  • Nasya karma : Nasal therapy

Prior to the start of these therapies the patient’s body needs to be prepared for the therapeutic measures.These are:

  • Snehana karma : Oleation therapy (external and internal oleation)
  • Swedana karma : Fomentation therapy

Additional Details

  • Doctors:Dr. M. Kesavan M.S.A.M Dr. Sr. Austin, MD (Ayu.) Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Dr. Jose T. Paikada, Md (Ay) Dr. Sunanda M, BAMS Dr. Rohith K, BAMS Dr. Sneha Poulose, BAMS
  • Treatments:Cervical Spondylosis Osteo arthritis Lumbar spondylosis Rhematoid arthritis Disc prolapse Osteoporosis Degenerative diseases Frozen Shoulder Sciatica Fibromyalgia Ulcerative Colitis IBS Gastric Problems PCOD Menstrual problems Vaginal infections Psoriasis Dermatitis Eczema Diabetes Migraine High Cholesterol Sinusitis High BP Asthma Obesity Parkinsonism Cancer Stroke Stress MND HIV/AIDS Liver & Kidney Diseases

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